For more than 25 years, Casian has pursued artistic excellence in the field of photography and video imagery. A native of Minneapolis, Casian first developed an interest in photography after engaging in a career as a commercial artist. Developing his talent with some of the Twin Cities finest photographers, his increasing skill and experience led to a career in professional photography. After a number of years as a freelance photographer in the Upper Midwest, he opened his own studio in Phoenix, AZ. New career opportunities, along with the allure of the Pacific Ocean, found him drawn to beautiful Orange County, CA, which is now his home.
Casian conducts his photo sessions like a dance between the photographer and the model, both feeding off the energy of the other; he knows what he’s trying to capture as he has the image already created in his mind. According to Casian, the photographer’s role is similar to that of a director in a motion picture, collaborating with the subject, giving input, and guiding the creative process. He draws out the inner beauty in his subjects and strives to capture the overall personality of his models. His unique artistic vision, coupled with a hands-on approach to photography, has led to a style based more on feel than look. “Attitude” is the word best used to describe his work. He doesn’t just sit back and click.


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- The Lane

30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography
- Rangefinder Magazine, New York

Europe’s Best Young Wedding Photographers
- Way Up North Awards, Stockholm


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